Benefits of Social Rewards

Living in the Era of the Smartphone

Living in a time where information travels with tremendous speed due to the internet and technology we must realize that it impacts every second of our day.

For some it’s a tool , for others entertainment and for many its both. Either your running an ad for your company or simply checking into to your favorite restaurant. It’s all done at arms length.

We share our moments, feelings , concerns in an effort to reach out and communicate. Photos flood the internet, videos being streamed and people becoming famous overnight! That is how our society functions today.

Everyone is a Broadcaster!

Greece, as small as it is, it’s very active. Facebook dominates and the rest follow.

· Facebook 6.7 million user

· Twitter 509.448 users

· Instagram 620.000 users

What is Social Rewarding?

When looking deeply into how social networks have influenced todays business we find that the tables have shifted and its not what businesses are saying about themselves but what their customers are saying about them.

Businesses must and need to incentivize customers if they want to stay relevant in their markets. Social rewarding does exactly this! By rewarding checkins, photos shared on behalf of the business etc in exchange for a reward. A cup of coffee, a coupon, a discount on your next dinner. These are a few of the many things that can be offered by businesses to drive organic growth and cater directly to its client instead of investing in non-converting ads.

The Power of the Timeline

We lack to realize how import and vital each persons timeline is. The ability to offer your personal “channel” to redeem rewards and special perks has revolutionized the way we discover and interact with brands and businesses.

In a time in which we are bombarded with information smaller businesses without big budgets will only be buried under all that information.

The Perks of Social Rewarding for Businesses

It all comes down to one thing, and that is your AUDIENCE. Social Rewarding offers the opportunity to broaden your audience and deliver on their needs in exchange for a reward.

It has been documented that paid advertising does not necessary mean more people shopping , its not enough just liking a page or following someone. Customers need to be rewarded based on how they interact with businesses or brands.

If your looking to incentivize your customers and broaden your audience all you need is to sign up to Vraveeo, a social reward app.

Vraveeo at the moment is only available in Greece

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