Legacy Animations Update

Along with all of the features and changes coming with VRChat v2018.3.2, we are also making a change that may impact avatar creators and animators.

Due to security concerns, deprecation of the system by Unity, and future VRChat development reasons, all avatars uploaded or modified after September 1st, 2018 will have any Legacy Animations removed. This will not affect non-Legacy animations, which make up the bulk of animations seen on VRChat avatars. Legacy animations are specifically those that the user has marked as Legacy through the Unity Debug menu.

We are aware that some avatar creators use Legacy animations for various edge-case solutions where a non-Legacy animation might cause issues with the animator. However, almost all cases where a Legacy animation is currently used can be worked around by using a non-Legacy animation, but we wanted to inform our community regardless so that there is no mystery about it.

If you have a case where Legacy animations are required, please let us know on our Canny. We’d like to look at possible workarounds where needed.

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