Trust Systems — Content Gating

Hello, VRChat! We’ve been working on some new “Trust” systems to help make VRChat a friendlier place. These systems will be used to help gate various features until users have proven themselves to be a friendly member of the community. One of the first parts of the Trust system is called “Content Gating”. This system is designed to reduce abusive or annoying behavior involving avatars or other content.

Here’s generally how it works. When a user first creates a new VRChat account, they will be unable to upload custom content like worlds or avatars. After spending some time in the app and having positive interactions with other users, they will eventually receive in-app and email notifications that their account has access to world and avatar creation capability. This time may vary from user to user depending on various factors.

If the new user chooses to spend time in VRChat behaving badly or maliciously against other users, they may lose the capability to upload content. They will receive a notification in-app and via email that they have lost access to content uploading. If they spend more time in the app and follow the Community Guidelines, then they will eventually regain access to these systems. Again, this time may vary depending on various factors.

If a user does not have access to content uploading and they attempt to upload something via the SDK, they will receive an error. If they aren’t running the latest SDK, this error may not appear properly, but they still will be unable to upload content.

When the system launches, all VRChat account users will receive notifications indicating their status in the Content Gating system. If you believe there has been some error with the system, please feel free to contact us — however, VRChat will not help you sidestep or bypass the Content Gating system.

As an aside, VRChat staff and developers will not delve into the details of how any of the Trust systems work to any user. Development of the Trust systems will be an ongoing effort so that we can make VRChat a better place for all of our users.

Finally, as always, ensure that you are utilizing our Social features to defend yourself against users that you do not wish to interact with. Using Mute, Block, Vote Kick, and Safe Mode are the best way to keep yourself safe and secure.