VRChat Quest Avatar Creators: Get your Avatar into the Featured row!

Apr 23 · 4 min read

VRChat on Quest is making serious progress, thanks in no small part to the VRChat Quest Creators program. We’re glad to see people getting started with creating content for the new mobile VR headset. We’re seeing a lot of new worlds pop up, as well as many popular worlds getting Quest-compatible versions up and ready. However, worlds are only a part of the VRChat experience — today, we’re looking at VRChat Quest Avatars.

Although we’re working on our own set of “default” avatars available for the Quest, we thought we’d take this opportunity to let our creators get some front-row attention. We’re going to open up submission for avatars you’ve created that you want to get into the “default” row (or, as we call it, Featured avatars)! This means that you can get your avatar on the very front of the Avatar menu, for all to see and try on! We’ll also put your VRChat username into the avatar’s thumbnail so everyone will know the author of your masterpiece.

Finding your “look” in VRChat can be challenging, so we hope to see a wide variety of styles, identities, shapes, and sizes. Be creative, and don’t be afraid to get weird with it — we find that users enjoy wearing avatars that don’t exactly line up with what you might expect in real life.

Guidelines and Suggestions

Since these are avatars intended for use primarily on VRChat Quest, you’ll need to keep in mind several limitations. First off, we recommend that you stick with 5,000 triangles as your target. You’ll also want to ensure your material count is low (ideally, just one) and your textures are atlased. You should be aiming for about 5–8 MB size for the uncompressed avatar package.

Also, keep in mind that there are several features that are disabled or limited on Quest. You can read about those changes in our docs.

We also strongly suggest that your avatar have blendshape visemes, unless the use of “jaw flap” visemes or bones is part of the style. You’ll also want to avoid the use of “gesture overrides”— remember, these avatars are meant to get users started, so keeping the features basic is best.

You should also have a VRChat PC version for these avatars to ensure cross-platform compatibility. The PC version doesn’t need to be “high-rez”. You can just use your Quest avatar, but build it for PC. If you want to go the extra mile and create a “high-rez” version for display on VRChat PC during cross-platform play, go for it! You should ensure that they are visually and functionally identical, aside from the level of quality/complexity. Uploading a versions for both platforms is pretty straightforward, and we lay out the process in our documentation.

As a bonus, if your avatar is chosen and you’ve built a PC version, you’ll also show up on VRChat PC’s “default avatars” row. Nice.

There’s a few other things we need to get out of the way about these submissions:

  • The avatar ID submitted must include an avatar built for the Android platform (in other words, for Quest).

Please upload your Quest Avatar to VRChat (using this guide here for help, if you need it) and provide the avatar ID along with some other details in the form at the bottom of this post. If chosen, we’ll contact you, and we’ll ask for the asset itself so we can upload it to the proper account. Your name will appear in the avatar thumbnail, so you’ll be immortalized!

Let Me Submit My Avatar Dang It

Here’s the submission form you’ll use. Keep in mind the guidelines, conditions, and terms we’ve laid out above. Failure to adhere to the guidelines or not providing an appropriate license will result in disqualification.

We’re looking forward to seeing all the different avatar creations you want to get into VRChat!


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