With BigchainDB version 0.10 [GitHub] we’ve released the first implementation of the WebSocket Event Stream API.

The Event Stream API enables new ways to interact with BigchainDB, making it possible for your application to subscribe to all newly–confirmed transactions that are happening in the system.

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Here’s to events! [image by Alberto Granzotto]

From now on, if you are running BigchainDB version 0.10, you can open web socket to host:9985 and listen to the transactions that has been just confirmed. As soon as a new transaction changes its status to valid, your program will receive a message from the BigchainDB web socket server with the following payload:



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After three years of service, Urlist will be discontinued on December 31, 2014 at 1:00PM UTC. To download your data, please visit the Urlist website at http://urli.st/ and log in; you will find a button on the top of the page to download all your links.

Three years ago, we began our journey with a specific vision in our mind: To give to our users the best and easiest tool to categorize and share the information they find in the Internet. Along the way, we improved our service to let you publish and discover new links. We did…


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