PaperHive, the coworking hub for researchers

Open Access week is over, at PaperHive we just launched our coming soon page and there are two months to New Year’s Eve. Still, we are already working on our 2016 resolution: more open collaboration in research.

PaperHive opens new coworking opportunities in every research field. The web platform is the answer to questions like “How do I best communicate in real-time about scientific articles?” or “How can I share my remarks right in the text?”

Scholarly communication is one of those niches that very few people really know about. Still, it has a colossal impact on the knowledge creators in society (there are about 15M researchers worldwide) and thus influences the life of everyone of us.

If you support our cause (no matter if you’ve just started your PhD or got a Nobel prize nomination) or if you simply want to chat about science, we would love to hear from you! To stay up-to-date on our progress, just leave your email address on or follow us on twitter (@paperhive).

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