vreo — a new way to present, measure and monetize ads, secured through blockchain technology

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vreo is developing a worldwide unprecedented B2B marketplace solution for software developers and brands, which enable the placement of digital billboards (surfaces within software to show banners/posters/videos) within software through our unique plugins without interrupting the user experience, thus enabling so far untapped potential especially on the PC and console market. We are also working on new ways to finally let gamers participate in the revenue streams, as they fuel the whole industry. Last but not least, the current state of ad payout is slow and inefficient, leading to many problems and shortages on the developer side — a problem Blockchain can solve.

The team

Our team consists of a good mix of developers, salesmen and marketing experts with a lot of start-up experience under their wings. Thanks to diverse backgrounds and long years of combined experience we are well attuned for establishing a new product. With our own experienced sales staff and partnerships with international sales agencies as well worldwide active marketing and medie agencies we plan to establish a leading network for cross-platform in-game advertising. This will be achieved through continuous acquisition of new users via direct approach as well as attending and sponsoring events, trade shows, in addition to increasing our networks and social media presences.

The tech

Our tech enables the placement of ads dynamically and natively embedded within software, opening up completely new ways to monetize software using so far untapped potential and unused space already present in the software, and evaluates all interaction of the user with the ad. vreo supplies the developers with plugins and algorithms which are tethered to various graphical engines (with which the software is developed). These plugins and algorithms are used for streaming and exchanging the ads as well as evaluating the exact number of views and other user specific data. Contrary to other developments our solutions are not bound to specific hardware devices but usable on every platform and make use of Blockchain technology (DLT), as all data gets written into a Blockchain instead of a centralized database, reducing the possibility of ad fraud.

Example of ad integration

The whole billing process can be done with both FIAT and crypto currency, which enables faster and cheaper international money transfer. Every payment will be accounted for with our own vreo token which can be exchanged at our vreo marketplace. The vreo token are pegged to currencies and/or commodities, thus acting as a stablecoin. The vreo token can be used for either ad-purchases or as a reward mechanism for customers.

We long researched and discussed which Blockchain can fulfill our needs best. There are a few options that fulfill most of our requirements, which are a possible high throughput once the vreo platform is successful in the markets, a solution to ensure some information or complete transactions can be made opaque to avoid disclosing sensitive business information to competitors, a general and high conformity with the most important jurisdictions we want to start our project in and lastly we need to be able to peg the vreo token to a steady value in fiat as most advertisers are not yet ready to join the crypto revolution. Due to promising projects releasing their updates in late spring/early summer (like EOS/Cardano or even DAGs and Hashgraph), we will not fixate on a specific solution at this time.

Gamers can also benefit from watching ads: a share of ad-profits will go directly into their account (as vreo token) once they register and link their profile to the games using our plugins granting self-determined control. This also further reduces viewer fraud and enables a better advertising experience for all sides, while finally rewarding the ones that facilitate the whole industry.


In-game advertising is one of the most rapidly growing industries — with our innovative marketplace for dynamic and native embedded in-game advertising we address the mobile market as well as the barely opened up markets for PC and console, tapping into an incredible potential market. The TAM (Total Available Market) includes every software developer with a licensed engine and every brand with a national marketing budget, which enables the opportunity for immense scaling. The gaming market consists of around two billion users that can be reached through in-game advertising, these users are (mostly) between the age of 18–49 and thus in a highly interesting and well-funded target audience. Gaming has surpassed both the film and music industry in revenue, raking in above 100 billion USD in 2017.

Mobile in app advertising has reached a revenue of around 21 billion USD in 2015. Advertising for PC and console software was barely possible due to both the lack of offers from the software side and no means of evaluation, even though demand is present. Our developments solve both problems at the same time, and additionally offer the possibility of changing ads on demand at any time that are not affected by ad blockers.

Our business model is based on our for this purpose specifically written cost-per-quality-view algorithm. Brands only pay for actually seen ads to minimize the financial risks and provide more in-depth data. Using a customizable, filtering auction and bidding system aided by machine learning, brands and developers can find suiting partners automated and self-served within seconds. vreo receives a commission of the advertising budget for the provision of the marketplace, cloud hosting, content exchange/delivery and detailed evaluation data.

Outlook / Grand Vision

While we focus on our in-game advertising solution at the moment, we know there are more problems in the gaming industry that need to be solved. One of them is missing market intelligence, which in turn results in a lack of reliable financial forecasts. Due to this, investing in and funding of gaming projects is scarce. With vreo, we have the possibility to show market data and the potential revenue achievable. Through our market place we want to provide this valuable statistical data, average success/downloads/plays of games can be taken into account as well as average payout of ads within the games parameters. With this data, we plan to incentivize investors and gaming enthusiasts to invest in promising projects through a second platform called Gamico. Developers can receive funds and offer revenue shares or compensation of in-game assets in return. We will source and check every application before releasing them to the gamico marketplace to ensure only the highest quality projects are accepted.

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Embedded in-game advertising secured through blockchain technology

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