Vreo for Advertisers

As an advertiser, you seek opportunities among the masses to promote your product, with gamers breaking the 2.2+ billion market audience threshold, it seems like a brilliant idea to target them. The only problem with game advertising today is the way it’s being done, advertisers have become an annoyance to gamers with pop-ups and leveled up advertising slots; this not only deters players but loses advertisers money. Gamers spend 3 billion hours a week gaming, roughly double YouTubes watch time, so why would they want to spend half of that time watching ads- they wouldn’t. The backlash from pop-ups is immense and averts users away from the game to avoid advertising. If only there were a way advertisers could get their messages across without coming off as aggravating; now there is, meet Vreo. Vreo is the solution to in-game advertising through ad embedding. Advertisers will not only have a more beneficial way to reach out to viewers but also a more extensive range of how to do so. PC and console gaming is an untapped advertising market that we have worked hard to find a solution to, through ad embedding.

Ways we are advancing advertising

Through integrating your ads into gaming opposed to interfering users gaming experience, you will automatically hold an advantage above other advertisers. Vreo advertisers will have a variety of platforms and places to deliver their messages. Advertisers will now have access to PC and console gaming advertising as opposed to mobile only, meaning a massive market dominance for anyone who joins Vreo. Instead of in-game pop-ups, the ones that users can’t wait to skip passed, you will be able to subtly and repetitively relay your message to gamers while they’re dopamine-fueled. Advertisers will be able to convey that message through a variety of in-game media. Videos will allow for brands to run ads on interactive TV screens and other displays, not aggressively jumping in your viewers’ faces. Sound advertising will be the incorporation of an audio feature; whether it be an unforgettable, a catchy jingle or an incredible message that you want the whole world to hear, Vreo is here to ensure your audio advertising success. Another means of placement is on textures, where Vreo digitally installs your brand advertising; your imagery could be featured anywhere from a roadside billboard to wall posters. From cartoon cafe waitresses to free-roaming car games to zombie apocalypse-themed adventures; Vreo is advancing the advertising world and welcoming you to join. Advertisers will also not have to worry about their ads being blocked by ad blockers as they do not affect in-game embedded software adverts.

Placing your product

Advertisers will have access to an analytical overview of their reach; brands only pay for placement of their messages in a meaningful way. Cost-per-quality view determines pricing, lower performing impressions will be processed at a discounted rate. Advertisers will be able to access data to better their engagement rates; this includes how long the ad was on screen, which portion of the screen it was filled and more influential information. Brands can target a variety of demographics compromising of location, age, interests, and more. Ads can be placed in interactive game moments near items that advance the games or points of interest like a welcome billboard as users enter a different in-game town; advertisers can also input branding into cutscenes where the story is explained through a pop-up stand with their logo placed in gamers view range. The Vreo advertising possibilities are endless and ensure brands the best gaming advertisement position.

Advertising on the Blockchain

All viewing information and analytics will be logged onto our Blockchain; thus no manipulation or untrue input can alternate the chain. Through our two tokens, VIT and MERO, a ton of added benefits will be bestowed upon advertisers, game developers and gamers alike. VIT will ensure advertisers automatic analytics through our cost-per-quality-view; through a smart contract basis, this information will be logged onto our chain where advertisers can then see how much they have to pay without any manipulation. MERO holders will be given preferential ad delivery, discounts, and reduced fees; making MERO an advertisers gold. Because everything is blockchain-based, everything is transparent and transactions are instant, no third party processor needed. Advertisers and Vreo will work hand-in-hand every step of the way to ensure advertising success.

The advertising revolution

Vreo is the solution to advertising, gaming is a 108 billion dollar industry waiting to be innovated, and Vreo is here to do just that. Don’t be aggressive, get your message across the world to users who are interested rather than annoyed; ditch the pop-up ad scene and start incorporating your ads into memorable game scenes. The TV sectors have used ad embedding for years, why not jump on board and start creating ads that gamers will enjoy visually and audibly viewing. Build up your brands through the Blockchain; there are so many other factors contributing to the sure success of our business model, learn more about us with the below links to start blowing up your impressions through in-game advertising with Vreo: