Vreo for game developers

Creating a game is hard; creators may lack the necessary funding, direction, and perspective. Developers can seek funding through sponsors or advertisers, although there are so many games being released, new developers with incredible ideas may not have the credibility to be noticed by sponsors. With advertisers come a variety of nightmarish scenarios to game developers; annoying pop-ups, integrating ads into their programming and the factor that advertisers may not want to accurately compensate for their commercial viewing. Ad pop-ups are an annoyance that users can’t wait to flip past and forget, but those thirty seconds can really affect how players view and enjoy their gaming experience. These pop-up ads not only disinterest viewers from the product but will actually deter players from the game entirely. Vreo is the solution to your advertising problem. Vreo is a new approach to presenting, measuring and monetizing ads in games, secured through blockchain technology. Vreo is embedding advertising into the scenic backgrounds of games, not aggressively interrupting games while still relaying advertisers messages. Meet Vreo, your advertising answer.

How does it work?

It is as simple as plug-ins. Developers can simply make use of a variety of our game engines, software that provides game creators with the necessary set of features to build games quickly and efficiently. Vreo will be partnering with a list of world-renowned game engines, including Unity 3D and Unreal Engine, to ensure developers the best and most easily achieved outcome. Through these game engines, developers can begin using our plug-ins to start creating space and placing ads. These plug-ins will transfer view data directly to the blockchain; this is where advertisers can gather information on how long the video was watched; if players interacted with it, the overall visibility of it and more. The view data cannot be tampered with therefore advertisers cannot argue the data, ensuring they pay in full for the effort you put in.

Where can you place ads?

There are three different directions you can confront embedded ads:


Virtual video refers to ads placed on a variety of display areas; this could include TV screens, cinemas or even loading phases of the game.


Texture advertising can vary from posters to billboards, strategically places on race tracks or interactive store window posters.


Audio ads will include anything from a unique message to a catchy business jingle which could be incorporated into in-game radios or soundtracks.

Why should you start developing with Vreo?

By joining Vreo, you will be joining a project eager to help you develop better as a developer. Vreo is offering plug-ins to ensure your ad embedding experience is just as easy as the profits that come through it as well as introducing you to the best game engines around. Developers will be matched with advertisers through a filtering system which tracks demographic needs from age to gender to advertising budget. This filtering system will make it easier for developers to find funding without any of the tracking down hassle, it will also link up two like-minded entities looking to entertain and enrich the lives of a specific audience. Instead of pricing your project to make up for lost time and capital, developers can monetize through in-game advertising; meaning the cheaper you make it, the more people it attracts, and more people attract advertisers, increasing your monetization.

Developing your future with Vreo

Vreo is advancing in-game advertising while keeping your gaming audience happy. Developers will be able to start advertising through PCs and consoles, extending from the traditional mobile advertising phase. Funding, promoting and developing games has never been as simple as with Vreo. All data will be transferred to the blockchain ensuring transparency, speed, and incorruptible information- no one can say this wasn’t the view count or that they paid when they didn’t, the data is stored on the blockchain. These are just a few of the benefits developers will be bestowed with, besides keeping their gamers happy. Ensure that you’re doing advertising the right way, develop your gaming future with Vreo. Find out more about us and why we’re the best solution to all your problems below: