Vreo’s Partners

Jan 31, 2019 · 2 min read

At Vreo we are always striving to improve the world of in-game advertising for all parties involved: Developers, Advertisers and, of course, gamers. We have already shared a lot of information about how we are working on achieving that goal, as well as why we are so passionate about this. It is however impossible to solve all the issues there are in current in-game advertising alone, which is why we have been continuously looking for potential partners and not missed any chances to network and connect with the industry.

Today we want to let you know about some of our most important partners, when it comes to our ICO, infrastructure or business case. Up until now we have managed to build a network consisting of more than 20 partners, including major players in the industry such as the Game Storm Studios and Pixowl.

The Game Storm Studios: TGSS is a mobile game developer that has already released a large number of games, focusing mostly on Action and Simulation games. To date they have accumulated over 100 million downloads and more than 10 million monthly active users are enjoying their games.

The Sandbox by Pixowl

Pixowl: Pixowl is a mobile game studio, that was founded in 2011 and is the creator of the well known “The Sandbox” game, which has accrued more than 40 million downloads since it’s initial release in 2013. They are currently working on integrating blockchain technology into the game.

Project/029 Media & Communications: Project / 029 reaches one million tech users a month through various channels. Using the publisher’s experience, the company is now assisting its partners in accomplishing their success, through website development, through eDM campaigns, and through the development of a social media strategy.

They had the following to say about Vreo: “We wholeheartedly support a solution that enhances gaming experience and helps developers retain profitability at the same time.”

Stay tuned for the next article in our partner series, where we will be covering the partnerships focussed on infrastructure and business networks.

Find all of our partners at: https://vreo.io/partners.html

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