Lead Generation Using Facebook #vRepute

In just a short period of time Facebook has taken the world by storm, changing the face of the online world as people know it. A company headed by Mark Zuckerberg that is now worth more than 135 billion dollars, Facebook built up a community of online users that has already surpassed the 1.23 billion mark.

These are simply practical reasons why business owners and digital marketers should use Facebook for lead generation. It has become a very useful tool for marketing and advertising, levelling the playing field for any business regardless of size, industry or even country of origin. The following describes the basic ways on how you can use Facebook for lead generation and attract targeted customers through its FREE or PAID promotion channels.

FREE Facebook Lead Generation Methods

Facebook, and the rest of the social media network community for that matter, rely on the power of word-of-mouth. Although it does not really involve actual speaking (except the video chat facility), word-of-mouth propagation exists within the various social activities users can participate in to engage with brands, products and services.

These are free services that people can leverage on to reach their targeted markets within Facebook. But just like any other methods or tools available, there are certain procedures and techniques to follow so you can get the best results from your campaign.

1. Abide by the Facebook Rules of Engagement

Social media is all about engagement and Facebook is THE Social Network. Social interaction abounds within its framework and users must abide by proper rules of engagement. With lots of scammers, trolls, spammers and other undesirables online, people have the natural tendency to engage only with people they know and trust. As a business owner or digital marketer, you can build up and establish this trust through proper engagement and giving your targeted audiences value for what they need.

2. Set Up Your Facebook Pages

Pages are great channels for marketing your brand within Facebook. It’s like your own website within Facebook where you can develop a following and interact with them through social signals and other available features available through your page. Customization is a bit limited though but you can make use of third-party tools and apps to improve your Page just a bit more.

3. Set up Your Facebook Groups

Groups is Facebook’s equivalent of an Online Forum or Discussion Board and is very useful for generating leads and potential customers. Groups can focus only on one topic or genre depending on how you intended them to be. You can setup your Group as a member-only community, or have it open for greater attraction of targeted audiences interested in the theme or topic of your Group.

4. Set Up a Good Vanity URL for Your Facebook Groups and Pages

Attract organic leads from online users looking for the kind of topic or theme discussed or presented in your Facebook Pages or Groups by using an appropriate vanity URL. That’s one of the personalizations Facebook allow users which is similar to the subdomains offered by free blog and website platforms. Make sure that you set a vanity URL that is relevant and can immediately identify your brand, product or services — making it easy for targeted audiences to find you at Facebook.

5. Post Quality Content on Your Profile, Pages and Groups

Quality content that your targeted audiences will be interested in should fill your profile pages and groups — it’s what social networking is all about. This could be a great article coming from your blog or website, complete with compelling graphics, pictures or video. You could also post a link to your Infographic and generate more leads. Post something that your targeted audiences will enjoy — enough for them to want to share it with others. You also need to post useful and relevant posts and content from other related websites so that your readers won’t find your posts self-serving.

6. Interact and Reciprocate

One of the mistakes people are doing right now in social media (not just on Facebook) is that they only care about promoting their contents while not paying attention in interacting with other liked-minded individuals which is actually the true sense of social media. Social media is about interacting with your targeted audience and like-minded people that may potentially turn on as a lead or as someone who may be interested in your products and services. The idea here is to connect with liked-minded people and if possible influencers in your niche or market then interact with them on their posts and share them to all your social media accounts. Slowly but surely these people will notice you and reciprocate your efforts of sharing their posts to your own accounts.

Let me also be clear that there is no guarantee that by doing this idea, those people will return the favor to you. It also should be noted that if other people are sharing and promoting your contents that you should reciprocate them by also sharing their contents and even thank or appreciate them for what they have done.

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