In Praise of the Female Epic, Cannes Premiere of Marie Antoinette VR and Other Quarterly Updates

Originally published on May 26, 2016 at

Happy Spring to all! I was live at Cannes Film Festival for NEXT VR May 5–13, 2018, where we showcased Marie Antoinette VR and met many companies and service providers in the VR space. Some exciting discussions are currently underway.

In March, I was invited to give a talk at Santa Clara University’s Imaginarium concerning VR and its uses in education. Thank you very much to Pedro Hernandez-Ramos and Max Sims for the warm welcome and follow up. I also appreciate the offline creative conversations I’ve had since then with professors attending the class and with groups such as ILM x Lab. Looking forward to returning in June.

In March, I was also selected for the GDC’s Amplifying New Voices development program. I highly encourage folks to apply! Thanks to ANV sponsorship, I was additionally able to experience some of the latest and greatest tech tools at GDC, which has truly helped with the creative development process for Marie Antoinette VR. Some lasting friendships also began here. I count some of the talented cohort as my closest allies in the journey to produce this large-scale VR project.

All this leads me to the topic of the female epic. Why aren’t there more of them? I started to wonder about this as I began thinking about the positioning of Marie Antoinette VR in the marketplace. Why are women’s stories relegated to the sidebars, to sections known as romantic comedy or lifestyle, when the marquee is traditionally reserved for male-driven action films and sweeping epics? Perhaps we, as female creators, have not dreamed of a larger canvas for our heroines. We should realize that women’s stories are just as important to the history of humankind as the stories of male heroes.