VR Week 8 — July 11

Originally published on July 11, 2016 at carolliufilms.tumblr.com.

Well, it was 41 degrees C (or 105 degrees F) weather this weekend as the Tour de France wended its way past me. On my end, it’s been a week of technical stops and starts. After importing some raw footage tests to stitch in both Videostich and Autopano, I realized I needed to create more consistent settings during shooting. I am waiting for the arrival of my new rig before I attempt some further tests.

I’ve also run into some challenges with the first person POV camera prototype. We’ve discovered that the existing technology of the cameras we’d be able to use for the prototype would not enable us to achieve a high enough desired final resolution. I’ve decided I will therefore turn to an existing gopro rig that would yield the necessary resolution as this is going to be very important for the longterm playability of the final app.

In thinking about the story elements and virtual world, I’ve found Tony Parisi’s diagram from Learning Virtual Reality helpful in terms of where to place the objects and field of action in relation to the viewport.

I’ve been exchanging some small gaze-based selection VR app tests with my game developer friend to continue iterating on the interactivity aspect of my piece.

More to come once my equipment arrives!