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Music, of course, is what many unfamiliar viewers associate as thedefining characteristic of Bollywood films, and it is certainly what has fed the industry through all the years. Music directors (as film composers are called) actually think of the need for songs in films “not as a statement of principle or an assertion of aesthetic norms, but simple and unquestioned behavior, like the law of gravity”. However, in India, it is thought of as double pleasure — watching a favorite actress and hearing a favorite singer.Playback was also in many ways necessary, since the film equipment used in India has never been able to be of high quality.

In fact, the noise from the film equipment was so loud that all the dialogue had to be dubbed again as well. It was only in 2001, with Lagaan, that the first synchronous sound movie was produced.Playbackallowed directors to choose people who were actually good singers — they didn’t have to worry about looks or acting talent . Once playback made songs even more important to cinema, music directors became a huge component of film. The filming of musical scenes became song prioritization, a complex affair.

Music was allowed to incorporate any style the music director felt was necessary. And the songs from films, called variously film song, cine music, and playback music, became the popular music of the culture — so much so that even today, 80% of popular music in India is still film song (Ganti 40)music is the way to make charm and make environment cool to play music. there are further websites which offers public to listen best Bollywood music !

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