The day when love struck as lightening

“When didyou guys fallin love?”

“On the day it started to rain….”

29 July, 2016; a Friday that will never be off my heart. It’s imprintedon my mind, embedded in my soul and implanted somewhere deep within me. I have been seeing this boy since the past three days now, we are doing interesting things together every day. A midweek lunch date, long walks at the India Gate, munching a lot of street-side food, all of this was innately regular and yet exciting. Interesting conversations always propped up and each time we lost track of time. But what is still hovering over us is the mystery of rains splattering on us every time we take a bike ride together. The first day it rained, it made us happy. When the second day it rained, we felt curious. But when the third day it rained, it felt only magical. Yet again, we were back to the spot of our first meeting; Lunch in Cannaught Place and ice cream at the India Gate. Before we could reach at the spot, the clouds took charge. Though it was already drizzling every now and then, this time the cloud-play was intense. They were huge, they were dark, they were too many. Hurriedly, they ran everywhere, and enveloped every inch of the far spread sky over India Gate. Constantly evolving into newer shapes they were attuned to a happy dance. Despite their grandeur, they were not scary, they were playful and cheerful. They wriggled and hugged each other and then hooted towards each other in their thunderous voices. While all this happened in the sky, we stood on the pleased earth that was grateful to the rain gods for reviving the dying spirit of Delhi. We witnessed with our own eyes the arrival of these clouds, their meeting with the earth and the happiness that consumed everyone under its silhouette. Only a few moments later, the rain drops started kissing us. As they pecked us softly and touched our souls, we were elated to the sky above us. Laughter echoed; for some their steps became rushed to find shelter, for some the umbrellas opened but for us the time stopped. Holding hands, when our eyes got off the clouds, they got to each other’s. I stretched myself away from him, my fingers still interlocked with his. He kept gazing at me and held my body-weight as I leaned down. I swayed with the wind but he stood firm. The emotions flowed along. I looked at him and I caught his look that was fixed on me. I realized the emotions were oozing out.I came back up, next to him. For a while, we leaned onto the dark green iron frame behind us and gaped at the India Gate with a cloudy backdrop, until I once again spread my arms to absorb everything in me. I could not control my happiness, my heart was dancing. As I spread out my arms, he moved closer behind me and stretched them more. I twisted my right foot and bent my knee. He pulled my hands upwards and my chest expanded. It was one of my favorite yoga poses. Without any of us mentioning, we got into the Yoga mode. I quickly removed my slippers and stood barefoot on the road. With all my eagerness, I lifted my right leg straight up, he bent slightly and I rested my leg on his wide shoulder. As he gradually stood straight, my leg stretched. The muscles started to open. The rains continued and so did we. One after the other, he made me stretch. Sometimes, I stretched sideways, the other time I bent backwards. He with all his caress took control of my body. We were drenched; the water was dripping from our hair. And we were close. Close enough to forget the world. Subsumed in Yoga, we cared less for the eyes around us that were now all upon us. The celebration of our bodies, the correspondence of our souls and the rains never ceased.

Some of the ice cream vendors were out in the rains expecting to add the chocolaty element in the romance. But we were cold. He asked if I want one, but I was shivering by now. I let go of the ice cream but not his hand. We decided to take a walk and admire the greens that now felt greener. On completing half the circle, when we once again reached in front of the gate, we turned towards the boulevard opposite to the gate. It was a secluded road, not many people walked on it. There was a freshly made mud pool on the left side. I floundered into it while he kept looking at me from a distance. His looks convinced me that he enjoyed looking at me. I walked out of the pool to walk besides him. It was a different day;I was performing this amazing dance called LIFE. The swings of this dance were attuned to his music. Both of us were performing the act together. The sexiness was only getting intense. He sang the songs of ardor for me while I danced with the rhythm. My rhythm was synced with his tunes. Our energies were matched. With these pure energies but all my sinister intentions I made my move. The weather was right, the location was wise and the man was being nice. He was shy and I, determined. The more I looked at him, the more I was attracted to him. Our eyes were more interlocked than our fingers. I wished and wished hard to interlock my lips with him. He had dark smoky lips, they were wet with rain drops at the moment. I was burning under the rain, burning with desire, the desire to get one more inch closer to him. I was losing myself to him. For a moment, I wondered where he was; was he on the same page as me? He was blushing, his eyes spoke to mine, but he did shy away. Was he scared? No, he can’t be. Was he uninterested? Definitely not. But he was something that I could not gauge. Perhaps, he was concerned. Concerned about the consequences. And I was not. I was desperately seeking knowledge. Knowledge of his soft lips, his caring eyes, his strong hands. There was an exponential gravity in him that constantly pulled me towards him. I wanted to know all of that. A wave passed through me as I started stepping closer and closer. I could hear his breath, he was breathing heavy. I seized my moment with him. Interlocked fingers, rubbing chests and entwined lips; I felt my proximity with him with closed eyes. My mind had blacked out and I leaned onto him slightly more. Had I not stopped myself in the next moment, I would have passed out in his arms. I pulled myself away from him, catching my breath again, holding on to my balance on my own feet, I even moved a bit away from him. I now knew what he was like. I rewind the moment in my head right there once again and without any consciousness I was smiling. I never wanted to come out of that surreal moment but I could not get away from the realization that I was standing on a road in front of the India Gate, the iconic monument where everything that happened felt only good. I could see in him, he was happy to see me take that leap. He was desperate to know how I felt. He had an ache to know if I am ever coming back to him. He looked for my assurance. As I walked slightly away from him, he pulled my hand and brought me closer. I turned around and hugged him tight. I veiled my face in his broad chest and wrapped my arms around him. He broadened himself further and held me with all his warmth. A kiss followed by a hug, and all of it in the rains, and none of it was a dream. In fact, it was a dream come true. A wild dream that I was witnessing. His kiss was delicate and his hug was tight. He was a concoction, a cocktail, a blend of both, a strong muscle and oozing love. I wanted that envelope around me for a long time. I wished for it till eternity. But it didn’t happen. No matter how strong the feeling is, it is always captured in the boundaries of time. You may think it is going to last forever, but its limits are measured in time and it is felt for what we usually call a ‘moment’. My moment with him was hitting its closure but my possibilities with him were only getting started. My expectations were raw and that is how my explorations got a wild face. What I could not imagine and what I had forgotten to understand was now playing live for me.

Since that Friday, there has been an unknown, strange path that we are walking on. We have no clue where it leads to, we do not wish to know it either. Obviously, my liking for it is because of the fact that it is adventurous in its own terms and I intend to keep it that way, for as long as I can.

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