So, what exactly is Business Design? Is it designing businesses? Well, not exactly.

Business Design at its core, is a human-centered design approach that can bring added value to businesses.

After twelve weeks of business design exposure, I have learned the following three key personal discoveries that I believe anyone intrigued by the topic should be aware of:

1. Unpacking User Needs.

In a world full of companies thriving to create new solutions and ideas, we often question what is an invention or innovation? Inventions are creations of unique ideas while innovations are applying and using that idea. These two words are often used…

In my first Business Design class, I was exposed to several business design process models. Business process models give an outline of steps that help in designing processes for products and services. This got me thinking about my own approach and how I apply it everyday. Below discusses my thinking model.

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Figure 1: My Thinking Model

After analyzing the various design thinking processes in class, it is fair to conclude that my approach involves a mixture of various existing design processes including Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford and the SAP Design Thinking Mindset. …

Vrinda Oberoi

4th Year Rotman Commerce Student at the University of Toronto

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