The unmatched perpetrator!

In Indian mythology or puranas, demons or asuras are the villains or wicked ones troubling humans dwelling the earth, and even the Gods or devas in the heaven. These asuras usually have some super natural powers already, or will possess them after prolonged, hard prayers pleasing the devas.There are good natured asuras also. Mahabali, who was tricked by Vamana to go down into the earth, was a good natured asura, for example. The bad asuras are stereotyped- ruthless, cruel, violent, greedy, menace and certainly lack any form of goodness the devas imbibe. Thus when you are explaining to a child about the difference between the two- it is easy as black and white.

Horror stories women in India are encountering when at work, travelling for work, returning from a party, take a bus with a friend at night after a movie or rejecting a marriage proposal are obnoxious. It is only a matter of time and luck, that any of these incidents can be your own closed secret or a story everyone is talking about. Domestic violence and child sexual abuse within the four walls are equally hard stories that takes the victims to prolonged depression. Every time a woman’s story of physical attack catches limelight, the ripples of sympathy spreads from a particular Indian state the incident occurs to other states and finally the national news channels. There are then views from people calling the perpetrator- worse than an animal or demon. While, comparing these attackers to animals is a clear insult to the entire animal kingdom, calling them demons is also a standard not deserving. Let me give you some examples.

Bhasmasura expressing his love for Mohini

As the story goes, Bhasmasura was a wicked asura. His greed for power made him pray Lord Shiva and get a boon that would kill anyone on whose head he placed his right hand. As soon as he received the boon, he tried to use it on Lord Shiva Himself. Threatened, Shiva asked Lord Vishnu’s help, who disguised himself into a beautiful woman — Mohini to lure Bhasmasura. Bhasmasura was trapped in his own boon when he placed his right hand on his own head. What I am impressed about this demon is — Bhasmasura did not physically attack Mohini. He asked her to marry him. Even as she refused initially, he did not threaten to place his right hand on her head — which would be like throwing acid on her face in the current scheme of things.

Full story of Bhasmasura:

Another story goes- During the famous Samudra manthanam, or the churning of the ocean of milk, when the elixir or amritam was formed, Lord Vishnu again came as Mohini to lure the asuras. They were thus distracted. But again, there was no gang-rape or attempt to tear the woman apart and throw her away happened.

The rage and actions of the current world perpetrator is unmatched to an animal and if compared to the demons not all even fall in this category. This is an issue I wish the Omnipotent takes up in whatever form He prefers.