We like to predict the future. How will it be, what's its going to be like, how will we live?

We always think of future as a world where there's going to be so much pollution that we will have to leave our houses with oxygen masks. We always think of future as a world where humanity is going to end itself. We always think of future as a world, where the robots are going to take over and AI is going to beat the shit out of us. We always think of the future as a world where we will exhaust our resources or some alien life form will come and control us, or god decides to end us.

Why do we never think of future as a place where no one ever wishes to their souls to go to heaven when they die because the world they live in is already so beautiful that they don't want to die in the first place. Why can't it be something wonderful. Why can't it be a better world than it is now.

Look at history. All of it. It was full of wars. Egyptians, Romans, The Catholic Church and the nation's that started rolling in. All of them kept fighting. Killing in millions and look at the world we live in today. Yes people die. There's terror attacks. But its nothing compared to the number of people dying in the World Wars. We are slowly and gradually moving towards a better world.

Yet no one ever thinks of future as a beautiful world where everyone lives in perfect harmony and there's love and peace everywhere. Because believe it or not, that's the way we are wired. Down in our instincts we crave for violence. We crave for the world to end up in an apocalyptic state. We don't want things to end in a good way.

And when shit goes down, we’ll go around taking pride in saying that all of it was predicted, when infact we predicted it out of our instincts and instead of going through the pain and doing things in a right way we’ll just end up messing up the world.

Vrishabh Patel // Erudite Soul

Image Credit: pierremassine (deviantart)

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