I taught medical ethics — Trumpcare would fail
Ralph Northam

Dr. Northam,

I enjoyed your piece. I agree with all your points…I don’t agree on your means to effect them. Please read my piece on Health 3.0, published on Tincture: https://tincture.io/health-3-0-where-medicine-needs-to-go-dad61bb00c8b#.1kgq3d9r9

Health 3.0 is a distillation of a white paper my brother and I wrote a few years back called “Unique Self and the Future of Medicine”: http://centerforintegralwisdom.org/unique-self-institute/professional-applications/unique-self-health-medicine/

The issues you raise can be addressed in this framework, which is transpartisan. If there is any field that should be transpartisan, it’s how we care for each other.

Let’s continue the conversation…