To find out more about Facebook Horizon I interviewed Paige Dansinger, a VR artist, who was involved with creating art & experiences in the early pre-alpha version of Horizon up until the present moment.

Article by Micah Blumberg, Journalist & Software Engineer

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Facebook Horizon combines the massive multiplayer online world building such as seen in games like Minecraft & Roblox, with visual game scripting seen in the popular VR app Rec Room, and the online social chat experiences of apps like AltSpace & VR Chat. All in one.

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I interviewed Paige Dansinger about Facebook Horizon.

I felt that Paige was the perfect person to learn about Facebook Horizon from because she has been an early pre-alpha tester creating some of the very first Horizon worlds that you will be able to explore when Horizon launches later this month.

Here is a link to the video…



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