The Darth Vader track on HTC Vive: AudioShield is funny!

So yesterday, I put on the HTC Vive, I stepped into Virtual Reality. I played one of my favorites which is called AudioShield. AudioShield lets to play music from your computer, from soundcloud, they have tracks you can pick from, and then you just raise your motion controllers to block the incoming beats with your shields. It’s really fun. I tried a lot of the different audio tracks, and the Darth Vader one was pretty funny, I did a search for it on youtube and luckily someone had uploaded it. Definitely its a must try. When you play AudioShield it is the most fun on Hard mode, Normal mode is quite boring, also having the volume turned up is pretty important. I don’t think the Darth Vader song will everyone’s cup of tea, once was enough for me, but there are lots of other interesting songs to pick from, including your existing music library. If you like classic rock or classical, if you like rap or jazz, if you like pop or punk, you can do it in AudioShield

The second link here is from Reddit and it’s a tool that lets you create your own custom AudioShield modes, I haven’t used it yet so if you try it out let me know

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