Bitcoin: to buy or not to buy? This is the question.

In our last article, we analyzed the prospects of BTC and wrote that in long-term movement, expectations are almost bullish. This week Bitcoin is on the rise again, pushing over the $40,000 mark for the first time since late May.

The latest news is mostly positive for crypto:

+ BTC adopted as national currency (by El Salvador). A world first!

+ Elon Musk has changed his mind. 😊 And maybe Tesla will accept BTC again.

+ Institutional players are loyal to cryptocurrency. …

What the Hell is Happening with Crypto?

We have created this article to supercharge your trading strategies. It is in no way meant as financial advice. This article is presented “as is” for the consideration of all crypto enthusiasts.

The past couple of months have been a turbulent time for the cryptocurrency market. China has again, banned crypto. At the same time, running localised tests of their new digital yuan in selected areas of Beijing. This is widely believed to be a move to remove competition from the Chinese market before nationwide launch and adoption. The price of crypto assets…

Bridge from ETH to BSC network

Here we have outlined use cases for the ETH -> BSC bridge and highlighted some of the main benefits of using this solution to migrate FLy tokens from Ethereum over to the Binance Smart Chain and vice-a-versa.

What is the value for FLy holders to use this service?

Ethereum is spoken of as the second major cryptocurrency. The second big player. Often, you’ll hear “Ethereum has the most potential”. Usually followed by “If they can fix the scaling issue”. Since Ethereum became a respected and well developed blockchain protocol, its price increased significantly. The…

How has the Historic U-Turn by Google on Cryptocurrencv Advertising Impacted the Market?

Those savvy crypto traders amongst you will have noticed the ban on cryptocurrency advertising on their platforms or partner networks by Google Inc in 2018. This was in response to mass adoption and several high-profile scams around ICO’s and Ponzi style schemes. You can check out the new updated policy here and let us know your thoughts. Google Inc is signalling huge policy change as of the policy update. If you are an exchange that wants to advertise on Google’s platform, you’re going to need certification. …

How to Understand What are Investors Doing? And What This Means For BTC’s price

Sit and wait game while the price of BTC (and other crypto assets) is climbing is over. Market under pressure, and many investors (especially beginners), don’t understand what’s going on, and in what to believe – is it the start of another “crypto winter” or just a market correction?

We prepared this material to help you to understand the full picture of crypto prices movements and give you the in-depth analysis of volumes changing, big players behavior, so you will make your investment decision more correctly.

What is staking? Is there any risk?

Staking has emerged as a highly popular way to earn investment income in the cryptocurrency markets. Staking is sometimes even compared to classic bonds as a way of getting consistent profit.

If you’re unfamiliar with what cryptocurrency staking is and how it works, this article will help give you a better idea of crypto staking, the technology and the philosophy behind it. This article can also help you to understand the risks of staking.

What is Staking Crypto?

Staking is the process of holding funds to support the operations of a blockchain network…

Utility tokens price analysis: BNB, OKB, HT, FLy

In our previous article (on April, 30), we analyzed the dynamics of the most popular utility tokens (BNB, OKB, HT), seeing how in just a year some of them grow in price 17 times. In addition to this market players, we also got acquainted with the new Franklin (FLy) utility token created to serve the VRM business ecosystem.

Utility tokens have hit new all-time highs this week. …

+1600% growth since the beginning of the year — who will be the next utility token star? BNB, OKB, HT, FLy analysis

The advances in FinTech are largely driven by increasing preferences for forming peer-to-peer connections. These connections are transforming how people interact, work, consume, and produce.

Blockchain-based utility tokens offer unique opportunities for the customers of digital company ecosystems, deriving their value from their collective usage on blockchain platforms.

Let’s analyze the dynamics of three utility “exchange tokens” (BNB, OKB, HB), and the utility token FLy, recently launched by proprietary HFT company VRM.

“Exchange coins” has shown a fantastic…

BTC: “Sit and wait while price climbs” game is over?

So far this year, bitcoin prices have been buoyant, up 124% for the year to date.

But since 14 April, the world’s number 1 crypto has lost more than 23% – from almost $65,000 per coin to $49,647 (current price at the time of writing this article).

The “FLy hunters” game report

Catch the FLy Before It Flies Away

The Black Ocean and FLy token team held the “FLy hunters” game from April 9th till April 15th. The main game reward was $10 000 worth of FLy tokens. The total amount of players was around 2 000 people. The game was created to familiarize the project community with all the details and services of the VRM HFT company.

The object of the “FLy hunters” game created by The Black Ocean and FLy token team was to acquaint the community with the VRM company projects and structure. There…


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