Week in Review: Bitcoin’s Comeback Fueled by Growing Inflation Fears with “A Little Help” of Institutional Investors

With food prices surging violently worldwide while the big countries’ authorities keep trying to persuade consumers of much lower inflation, which on top of that is ostensibly purely transitory and totally under control, an army of former skeptics more painfully realize how miserable and pathetic fiat currencies are. Everything – from gasoline despite pausing crude prices – to milk and eggs – surged to new highs humiliating the current U.S. federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour.

There seems to be the only…

What Is the Difference between Crypto Algorithms and Why It’s Important to Know Before Investing

Cryptocurrencies have created a lot of buzz these days. Everyone wants to invest in cryptos, but before investing one must have a good grasp of the basics of how crypto works. Digital money is a type of investment that can be traded online for labor and products. Many businesses and organizations have invested in the use of crypto, and these can be exchanged for the services that the organization provides. To understand the concept better, consider them as gambling club cards or tokens. You’ll have…

VRM x flovtec

The high-frequency quantitative trading institution VRM has announced the signing of a. partnership with flovtec, a Swiss technology company offering market making solutions to token issuers & digital asset exchanges to create a liquid & efficient market, which will attract more users to projects or exchanges.

This partnership is aimed to create additional financial services for FLy token holders, which allow users to get trading income and new insights.

The VRM ecosystem comprises VRM Quant, VRM Research, Black Ocean and the FLy token.

VRM is a digital currency-trading institution based in the EU, mainly focused on quantitative…

Black Ocean x Ming Huang Academy

Black Ocean, a liquidity-providing platform incubated by the high-frequency quantitative trading institution VRM, has announced a strategic partnership with Ming Huang Academy, a research institute focused on Chinese market promotion within Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) of the community.

This partnership is aimed at developing the existing FLy token and Black Ocean community and attracting new users to the project in the Chinese crypto market.

The VRM ecosystem comprises VRM Quant, VRM Research, Black Ocean and the FLy token.

VRM is a digital currency-trading institution based in the EU, mainly focused on quantitative high-frequency strategies…

SCI-DEFI. Part 3.


The natural world is amazingly diverse and the variety within it seems to be limitless. In school, they teach us that the whole universe is constructed from base particles and the diversity of nature comes from a combination of these particles. Particles interact with each other, observing and complying with the laws of physics. What can we discover by peering a little deeper behind the mysterious veil of the cosmos? There are already many well-established physical constants that are used in science every day. …

FLy Token Price Moves Up on +10% as all Cryptocurrency Market is Growing

On Monday, July 26, the FLy token (FLY/USDT) experienced a sharp price rise. As of going to press, the native token of the VRM ecosystem is up by 10.64% and is trading at the $0.0406 mark. VRM Research’s team of analysts see the next target level for potential movement of FLY/USDT at 0.0516 (+25% of the potential growth).

Last week, on July 19th, Black Ocean, a liquidity-providing platform incubated by the high-frequency quantitative trading institution VRM, launched the CeDeFi launchpad, where innovative projects can build a strong…

The Novel about Crypto “Con-Stables”: Why It is Them — Not Bitcoin — Under Regulators’ Scrutiny?

The mainstream finance’s mania to get its little piece of digitalization acquires strange forms. Following a slew of sovereign cryptocurrencies’ introduction parades, now their originators started to look into how to get a grip of the so-called stablecoins. What are stablecoins beyond their Googled-in definition?

Tether (USDT) was the first successful stablecoin and still by far the biggest by all metrics, was launched in late 2014 by a group called Tether Limited. …

5 advantages cryptocurrencies have over traditional finance.

A comparison of old and new

Money has come a long way since the Mesopotamian Shekel. Indeed, different civilizations came up with their own monetary systems to enable commerce and trade. In the modern age, we have access to both fiat and digital money. Fiat currency has been the backbone of the economy for 500 years or more, and now it has a competitor. A newcomer that intends to up-end the world of banking, disrupt traditional finance and present a new way for human beings to manage their own money.

Since the dawn…

The B-Word Conference: a Nice Crony Hangout or an Ultimate Moment of Truth?

All events in в our lives are divided between those diligently/consistently researched and consciously invested into (whether stocks&bonds, or just time and efforts) and those that we simply follow based on our intuition and crowd direction. Scrupulous self-conducted research often, but not always, leads to a desired outcome, while intuition simply tells us that something good/valuable may or may not come up, even if we are not sure it exists. Even a most hopeless nerd at least once in his/her lifetime played the lottery or a slot…

Following in the footsteps of Goldman Sachs and Bank of New York Mellon, one of the most conservative financial entities, Bank of America, has reportedly begun allowing some clients to trade Bitcoin futures, which is a big turnaround for this financial institution’s philosophy, despite Bank of America has been wary of cryptocurrencies for some time, and in March one of its analysts wrote that Bitcoin «has not been particularly compelling as an inflation hedge.»

The new appeal for BofA is the significant margin it requires, which could make it a very rewarding business opportunity. The bank will reportedly use CME…


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