I would expect a lot of books are easier to get in North America than in India.
Clinton Bunker

Clinton, I believe that many publishers and authors are still not aware of the concept of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). Which is why, so many great books from the West have had a hard time finding their way to India. I mean, there were just so many instances where I had to just rest my hand and stop myself from buying a certain book because it was overpriced for no reason.

Authors usually collaborate with local publishers to provide content at lower prices in countries in the East. The fact is, if these books were entirely published in the East and circulated to all other countries in the world, the prices would be still lower than the one at which a book sells in the US/Canada. Cheaper labor and almost the same quality is ensured here, and I still wonder why India hasn’t been the target country for authors all over the world. I agree that we’re still at a relatively naive level of English when it comes to writing and publishing content, but we can always adopt and improve. :)