Everybody Lies

House, the TV series, ran from 2004 to 2012, depicting the life of a doctor of diagnostic medicine named Gregory House. House was objective, cranky, sarcastic to a large extent, but most importantly, he had that one quality that many find hard to adopt: He didn’t give a rat’s ass about people. Yes, he valued the one friend he had (James Wilson, played by Robert Sean Leonard), but his behavior of ignorance towards his patients as well as many of his colleagues remained the same throughout the series.

This incredible character played by Hugh Laurie in the series was by no means acceptable in the society. In fact, the first feeling when you meet someone like the character in real life would be to punch him right in the face. Those sarcastic remarks can be intolerable if you hear them for the first time, and that was probably the reason why this guy remained aloof and detached from other characters.

House had a habit of repeating a sentence throughout the series, something that may be called absolute bullshit in the conventional sense:

Everybody Lies.

One would imagine that lying heavily depends on situations, and there have been many people who were never faced with the kinds of situations that would require them to lie. And yet, a deeper thought into what this sentence really means would tell us that we all lie. If not to others, then to ourselves.

Do you remember that time when you decided to let go of one of your dreams just because you were satisfied with the job you had? Do you remember those days when you wanted to do things your own way, but couldn’t because your boss wouldn’t approve of it? Do you realize that there have been many ocassions when you could choose something for yourself, but didn’t because people, or the society would find it odd and label it as a taboo?

If your answer has been yes to all of the above, you have been lying to yourself. You have considered people as a factor that influences your life, and that’s probably the reason why your dreams are not your own anymore. Your wishes are controlled, by strangers, may be your family as well.

If your answer has been no to all of the above, once again, you have been lying to yourself. We all make compromises, and it’s impossible for person to not care about what the people around us, even for once.

House survived the world, and was called the best doctor in his hospital becuase of the fact that he knew that not only our conscience lies to us, the people around us lie to us as well. Ours is a world full of competition and useless debate with regards to what one should or shouldn’t do, or what one has or hasn’t done.

The boss that thinks you are his lacky may have been one in his early days, but he’s your boss and not at the same position as you because at some or the other point, he had to do something where he solely took responsibility for his actions without the consideration of what his boss would think. That’s how people rise. They start making their own decisions so well that they don’t need the kind of bosses they already have, for they have learnt what their current bosses know. Yes, there are places where people are promoted on a regular basis, but that does stop at some point.

The society/family that doesn’t want you to choose a specific path may have no knowledge of the path. Yet, out of fear, they lie to you about how difficult or easy or pathetic or even irrational the path is. The world is full of individuals who have taken those roads without the slightest care of what people said, and you can see for yourself where they stand today.

The job that you find more comfortable provides you comfort as long as you serve someone. Serving oneself is harder than one thinks, and yet, in the long run, it’s more satisfying than anything. Jobs lie.

All we need to do, is find the difference between truth and lies, and the fine line that divides them.

Originally published at The Philosophical Nerd on February 24, 2016.

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