Not that you care about the truth, but Ruszczyk was a dual US/Australian citizen through her…
Joe Roberts

Did you read where I clearly identified that I made up that particular statement?

Frankly, Damond seems like the kind of person I would quickly befriend. We are both yoga teachers, both concerned for other people and for animals, both practice meditation. If I were killed by police, I sincerely hope that an essay like this would be written about me if it proved the larger point of injustice.

The bottom line is that if you did not complain when people of color were slandered after their deaths, I have no use for your criticism now. If you can’t see that this is more than a “political point,” I encourage you to put down your blinders and try to understand why so many people of color are hurt and betrayed that Damond’s death has been treated so differently by the media and by political figures.