Hello World!

Wow, blog! I’ve been writing a blog for a while now but stopped. I’m not a good writer nor a good story teller, heck, I can’t even write a whole paragraph with a nice punctuation nor grammar. What am I doing here instead then? I’m not sure either.

Maybe another reason to improve my writing skills. I should’ve taken my English class seriously when I was in High School, that class would’ve helped me with writing this nonsense blog.

Anyway, I’m here to introduce myself but don’t want to give too much personal information in the interwebs. I like technologies, I’m a geek when it comes to that. I like the outdoors too, such as hiking, traveling, cycling. I like being fit: working out, cycling, running.

What’s my goal here? I have no idea, maybe just write anything my heart contents. Do some tutorials on how to do something? Whatever, I’ll write what I can write.

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