On being

Take a moment and try to focus on what is.

What is happening around you. 
Which sounds do you hear? 
What do you see out of the window? Or around you.
If sitting, how does the material feel? Is it warm? Does it have a smell? 
Can you smell the street, maybe someone is cooking. 
By which colors are you surrounded. Do they match? 
What kind of people are around you and what are they doing? 
Do you hear some background music? 
Do you hear the people talking?

Do you notice?

This is about taking a moment to focus on all your senses and discovering the moment. Being alive. Not doing anything. Just Being!

People are always so busy. I was busy. I couldn’t find peace anymore. My mind was always thinking about something. What to do next, how to change certain things. What to improve. Not being grateful for what is. I looked but did not see.

Try to appreciate the moment. Learn not just to look, but to see. Not just to listen, but to hear.

And in that moment, you will feel happiness.

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