Hi, my name is Vladimir. I am 19 years old and I’m studying in industrial design from Moscow Polytechnic Institute. I moved on to the second course. I love to design, to invent something and to think over some things. But apart from design I am also fond of shooting videos.

I started to film and edit a video about three years ago. At first I tried to use my phone and edited their videos. This video sucks, I don’t want to show. But they gave the beginning of my serious hobby.

In 10th grade I went to the preparatory courses at the Bauman University. There I met a guy who was also interested in video. We decided to do a joint project and develop it. Then we did all sorts of creative videos on Gopro. I have always been interested to submit material in some neobychnym, sophisticated and impressive way. We did different experiments with video.

Gradually we increased our skill and came to the camera cannon D500. On this camera we shot my first order. We started to get paid to video to clothing stores, hospitals, shops stickers. In parallel, we created some of his creative videos. They were smaller than before, but they were more elaborate and solid.

After you purchase cannon mark3 went to serious projects and orders. I changed my approach to shooting. I used to come on the set without any script and a clear plan. Always was just an idea and I tried to implement it directly in the shooting. I worked more as an artist. But now I’m trying to think through the overall plan and the finer details to make the shoot as productive as possible, and the video much more intense. I have to combine work with video and University. But these two zadaci not interfere with each other, and Vice versa. I have become a different way to work with video after class at the University. Study design helps me to grow creatively in all aspects. I become more professional.

In the future I want stronger to develop both skills and use them to enter into high level.

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