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Princeton is a university based in Princeton, New Jersey, United-States.
It’s one of the most famous in the world with its 92,000 living alumni whose 16 won a Nobel Prize.

Visit its website

Case Study

To run this case study I asked to a user to test the university website and complete some tasks without leaving the website and without using the web site’s internal search feature.


As part of Ironhack prework, I experimented design thinking approach through designing a payment feature for a bank mobile app.

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There you go! The end of our Sketch exercise serie.

For this last exercise, I have to turn the emov app mockups bellow into wireframes using Sketch. Let’s go!

Emov is an app allowing users to rent an electric car in Madrid for a short time. Its principal features are :

  • Localize cars on a map
  • Filter results
  • List cars and their features
  • Settle the app
  • Create an account
  • Log in user account
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When designing, It’s very easy to be distract and waste time with details like

Ooooooh, let’s me try this pink…
No, deep pink…
Or pale violet???
Hummm, deep pink was better, wasn’t it ? …

Hi again! There is a second exercise allowing me to practice Sketch.

The goal? Recreate two screens of the travel planning app below using Sketch.

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To copy this design was a great exercise allowing me to focus only on using design tools, exploring Sketch interface and features and memorize them.

It’s a bit hard to handle tools as smoothly as I expect. Clearly, my long photoshop practice misled me. But using internet when necessary, I get interesting features like add guides and show distances between elements to try to achieve pixel perfect designs. 📐🔍🔬

As part of Ironhack prework, I will discover Sketch through three exercises. Here is the first one and let’s try vector drawing.

I’m a beginner in Sketch but not in vector design tools, therefore I quickly became familiar with…

…drawing simple shapes 👌

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…adjusting path segments 👍

- TED conference with Margaret Gould Stewart, Product design Director at Facebook -

At the beginning, I was very very excited by this exercise but, quickly, I became worried :

“OMG! this woman is talking too fast for me.
How can I take notes? I don’t understand half of what she’s saying!”

Note that english wasn’t my favorite subject at school :-/

“Ok, don’t panic, breathe… Everything will be fine.”

So… I watched the video 3 times and tried to take notes each times (using pause and rewind when necessary).

At the first time, as I didn’t understand everything, I wondered who was this woman, why she was speaking at this TED and what she wanted to tell us. This is how, trying to follow her speech’s structure, I wrote in my sketchbook some words and sentences which seemed important to me. …


Véronique Rodrigues

UX/UI designer // Art director

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