Start Up — oh Yeah I should read this article..!!

Well…As now you have started reading this article based on its title. Let me tell you why I have kept such title :

In India & across the globe , only thing we want ourselves is to be on top when it comes to knowledge of start-ups. No one would listen to you or notice you if now a days you say “ hey look there’s cow who can fly..or lets say we can order a food from another planet as well” -UNLESS- “you say hey look there’s a start up which is creating an app that allows you to order a food from another planet and see there’s a start up which makes a machine to make your cow fly.”

Everyone would show curiosity in later part of the above quote, and yes there’s nothing wrong in it because none of us would love to miss out any opportunities that start ups are bringing up.

but the thing is who made us think in that direction or who made word “start up” so big that it catches everyone's eyes???? So there are these investors and numerous people that call themselves a Founder. Since childhood we are forced to listen & remember quotes from various successful(**successful can be in terms of writing just quotes and nothing else)people. I am sure by the time you might have heard below quotes in some or the other way which have motivated you :

Be the change you want to see in the world. — Mahatma Gandhi

What was hot five years ago is not hot today. — Pardeep Goyal

Entrepreneurship teaches you to take decisions quickly and act faster. — Sourabh Alagundagi

Our dreams should be bigger than our fears. — Mukesh Jain, Accessible India Campaign

There is never a right time for you to become an entrepreneur — just do it now. — Madan Padaki, Head Held High Services

and many more…!!

So each one of us now a days have started hating our 9–5 / 10–7 jobs because we always have some or the other idea in our mind which we want to convert into start up.

But do remember people behind every successful start up there are many failures as well which we couldn't see in BIG picture. I do believe that one should take risk but just be aware of the fact that you can actually work on your start up along with your job which would help you financially at least.

And to add more , we have so many angel investors in our society who holds lot of money in their basket and shouts in the market that they are ready to invest in your start up so just bring your idea.
but folks do not just fall in the trap of getting an investors right from the beginning unless you’re working on idea which can only be started with huge money.
As risky as startups are, they hold a certain amount of aspirational value. People have different reasons to enter the entrepreneurial world. The idea of calling the shots, and taking charge of everything is one of the top reasons. It totally makes one feel like they’ve truly accomplished something! To be your own boss seems to be pretty cool. Isn’t it? — lines from book “ start the F up” by rajive dhavan.

Any ways this writing would never get an end and will be continued…till then do remember a famous quote :