These days I wake up and stare at the ceiling while hundreds of new ideas suddenly rush through my veins. I know it seems that I have been missing in action lately but I wasn’t exactly taking a break. I guess you could say I have been going through a growing spurt and that is not always fun, but very necessary.

I started the year by surrendering my life completely to God. Have you ever tried to carry way too much stuff into the house when cleaning out your car? Well my life was getting to be like that and the stuff I was carrying was sort of like the miscellaneous stuff you clean out of your car as well but add taking the battery and engine out of your car too. It became clear to me that I was not focusing on God even though I have dedicated my life and everything I do to exactly that.

I realized that it’s so easy to justify doing what I want, “for God”. That doesn’t mean I am doing what God wants. No wonder I was dropping things. 🤦🏼‍♀️

So I let it go. All of it. Took some time to work on my relationship with God. Walked away from anyone and everyone and swam to an island where I could sit and wait. Wait for what V?

Wait for God to tell me what to do.

God what do you want me to do? I sat there.

There were thoughts of moving over seas. You should know I am perfectly healthy. 😅

God is the lord of my life and I had an album ready for you but I gave it to God and I am starting over. This stuff is meaningless without God leading it.

I had to go back to my roots, back to the place I was at when I started this thing in my childhood when I didn’t have fans and I just had God in my room all day sitting there with my digital recorder, a pen and my black notebook.

I have something very soon and I just finished it. I am the new me but I won’t be leaving this island any time soon. Get ready for it.

Latitude: 0° 12' 60.00" N

Longitude: -176° 30' 59.99" W