Steak n’ Fake?

Yesterday my friend and I went homecoming dress shopping after school in Fairlawn. We spent an hour searching for my perfect dress in the few good stores Summit Mall has. Finally, in the last store we went to, Macy’s, I found a grey and gold dress. After a successful day of shopping, my friend and I were tired and had worked up an appetite. Since we spent all of our money on homecoming attire, we decided to go to somewhere affordable. We quickly ruled out Taco Bell and Chipotle since my friend was craving a burger and I was craving a milkshake so we decided to go to my favorite fast food place, Steak n’ Shake.

We walked into the smell of grease mixed with a sweet smell radiating from the milkshakes. As soon as we walked in we were seated in a booth for two, and the waitress took our drink order. I ordered my favorite milk shake, Reese’s Cup, and my friend ordered a Pepsi. Within a few minutes he was brought his Pepsi and I was brought water. Giving my waitress a confused and snarky look since I really wanted a milkshake, she quickly says, “I brought you a water until your milkshake comes out.” Surprised by the great service, I turned my snarky look into a smile and thanked her.

It was very crowded in the seated area, though I didn’t know how crowded the convenient drive-through was outside, I assumed it was just as crowded. We continued to look at the ketchup stained menu to see what kind of food we were craving, and after about five short minutes our waitress was back to take our order. I ordered what I order every time, chicken tenders and fries, and my friend ordered a Wisconsin Buttery hamburger and fries. As my friend eagerly waited for his hamburger, I impatiently waited for my milkshake and thought to myself “will they ever bring my milkshake out.” After ten minutes of my mouth watering for my Reese’s milkshake, it finally came with our food.

Although I wished my milkshake was served earlier, I practically chugged it once she handed it to me. After drinking half of my milkshake I began to devour my chicken tenders and fries loaded with ketchup. My friend eats like a turtle and by the time I ate all my food and took my last few sips of milkshake, he still had half of his burger. I guess I must have been very hungry. We got our checks once he was done eating and they were very cheap. The bill for my friend and I combined was a little over $16.00, so we walked up to the cashier and handed her $20.00 and told her to keep the change.

Overall, my friend and I had a very good experience at Steak n’ Shake. Although my milkshake took longer than I wanted, I could have been a little more patient. The quality of our food was very good and it surprisingly looked like the pictures that were plastered in the menu. The fries were very uniquely thin and crispy, and the chicken tenders were juicy on the inside yet crispy on the outside and tasted great with a lot ketchup. Although I can go without the cherry on top, the Reese’s milkshake never fails to fill me up and make me happy. My friend was happy with his food as well and he said his burger was “very buttery and delicious and the fluffiness of the bun made the burger so good.”

Many people call Steak n’ Shake, Steak n’ Fake which I completely disagree with. Steak n’ Shake is a fast food restaurant and has better quality food than you would get at McDonalds, Wendy’s, etc. What makes Steak n’ Shake different from those fast food restaurants is its diner look and feel. As soon as you walk into Steak n’ Shake, you feel like you have time traveled to the 50’s and I would much rather sit down in Steak n’ Shake and enjoy a meal than sit in a McDonald’s with loud screaming kids running around the playground. Steak n’ Shake also has a drive-through which is very convenient if you’re in a hurry, even though dining in is also fairly quick and generally takes no more than a half hour.

Despite the negative things portrayed about Steak n’ Shake, I had a very good experience eating there and the service was as good as it gets for a fast food restaurant. The waitresses and waiters were on top of things, even though they were very busy with a lot of tables to wait on. I would certainly recommend Steak n’ Shake for anyone looking to get quality food for a cheap price. I hope all of you go to Steak n’ Shake soon, to experience the 50’s feel, along with their good food.

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