Long Weekend is Over

Spend the whole weekend at home, not going anywhere because I need a full rest after the last theraphy. Leg cramps, headache, and backache makes me immobilized and immovable, lol.

Cooked various dishes for family, mum said she missed my cookings while I actually missed hers. Yes, I can cook. But I don’t cook everyday, just on special occasion because it’s just me everyday so instead of cooking I’d rather buy my meals. Anyway I spent about three hours in the kitchen, and it must be the main reason every single part of my body aches.

It’s quite tiring when you have to go to another city back and forth. I was about to spend my sick leave in my dad’s hometown but then I need to have theraphy sessions 3 days a week and the hospital doesn’t allow me to be transferred to local hospital. I’m some kind of lonely being alone in Jakarta, but then it’s impossible for me to spend hours and hours in the street to reach hometown so… well, I give up. Another bitter pill to swallow, being alone while sick. I got easily tired of looking at digital screen too long, so chatting with friends and family doesn’t really help me with loneliness.

I think I need to hire a private nurse.

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