Fiber Optic Cable Installation

VRS Tech
3 min readNov 15, 2016

Fiber optic cables are a sore necessity in today’s world of high speed internet connectivity. No matter how much we depend on wireless devices, in the end, a robust and well laid internet connection line ensures that they work to their full potential. It is well known that this is not a job to be performed by amateurs and requires considerable amount of skill, understanding of technology and knowledge of the domain to ensure that there are no remaining issues after the process is done, and also to ensure that the maintenance of such a system is not a liability.

Fiber Optic Cable

The major reason behind the necessity to hire professionals for this purpose is the technical knowledge which is required in this domain. There are several varieties and types of cables which are available and a proper understanding of the user’s requirements, the estimated usage needs and the topography and location of the site also matter a lot in making a decision with regards to which type should be used.

Apart from this, there is a considerable skill level required to judge what kind of design architecture has to be used to ensure that all the user’s requirements are met. A proper professional will ensure that he covers the following steps whenever he takes up a job- Design, Installation, Testing, Troubleshooting, Documentation and Restoration.

He will also help you throughout the whole process and ensure that you get inputs with regard to the best design for your needs, determining the best kind of fibers, connectors, cables and other hardware required for the installation. Experienced contractors also help in choice f vendors. Since they have relevant experience with particular products, it becomes easier if they choose products to make installation more efficient, of higher standard of performance and much more reliable.

Since customers are generally not very knowledgeable about the technical parameters, products, tools and other aspects of cable installation, it is always a good idea to take the counsel of experienced contractors. Sometimes, customers totally give over the total responsibility of sourcing, purchasing, receiving and testing the equipment to the contractor/ installers because they usually manage to do a better job of it due to the long years of experience and knowledge of the field.

It is always better to look for people who have hired trained and experienced personnel rather than just fresh novices who are almost equivalent to untrained labour just because they are cheap.

VRS Tech is one of the leading fiber optic cable installation services in Dubai and the UAE and have managed to reach this position by ensuring that the manpower employed is of the highest caliber and can effortlessly handle any complicated situation without having to waste time and resources. Regular trainings are also taken up to ensure that the technicians are well versed with the latest advancements in the field which ensures that customers get the best possible service whenever they opt for a service.

All in all- good service, cheap costs and hassle free execution. This is what VRS bring to the table.