My first blog — Because I had to start someday.

Hello readers,

I don’t know what kind of audience would be attracted to what I am hoping to write and make a regular habit of. Because frankly ? I don’t know what I would write about. On a very brief note — I could say about life, love, successes and failures, about dreams and society, adventures and cheap thrills, extravaganza and frugality [not monetary] and all that comes within and beyond.

But on a very genuine note it’s going to be about experiences.

Of an opportunistic girl who despises to be a naysayer and how it bode well for her and not so well for her in different instances.

Of a strikingly self critical individual who has grown a habit of evaluating every action done / undone, every word said / unsaid, every thought thought of and not thought of. Of her journey of self discovery and introspection — because who really knows themselves really well .. really ?

Because I have a lot to tell. I don’t yet know if its worth listening to. Because I don’t want to regret the chances I didn’t take and the words I didn’t say. So lets see how this rolls.

Stay tuned.