Clips by Apple is an interesting move

So far, Apple has tried a couple of times to enter the “social network” scene — and failed spectacularly. But Clips is an interesting approach (and the right one IMHO).

Right now, social content creation and distribution is tightly coupled. We use each social platform’s app to generate the content we share in there. Of course you can use your phone camera app to shoot the photo or video, but 99% of us will then use the platform app to add the extra “something” that seems to be required nowadays: filters, text, effects, etc.

What Clips does is unbundling content creation (video/photo +effects) from distribution for most of us: Creation takes place in the iOS camera and the social network is the distribution channel.

- “How can I make a video like the one you posted on Instagram?”
- “Oh, you need to have an iPhone.”