Firefox Quantum Sprint, Pathum-thani

This sprint was organized by Rajasekhar Ponakala. He will blog in details later or maybe he has already posted it when I’m writing this. We met at Hom Krun, which is a famous coffee shop in AIT campus in Pathum-thani. Although we were in Pathum-thani, the campus is near by to Ayuthaya, which is the old capital city of Siam/Thailand.

At Hom Krun

Thank Teerapat Taechaiya, who is the main Thai localizer and our swag keeper, for bringing stickers and other swags to us.

The sticker on my tablet

Our goal is checking compatibility between Firefox 57 Beta and popular web sites for Thailand, and reporting issues to easily.

I tested,,, and Viewing them are fine. I try to post on Facebook. It works. Also I just noticed that Facebook Live even works for Firefox Desktop. Unlike Nightly, for me, issues in Beta is very hard to find one.

Our goal was completed quickly, so we also talk about localization in Telugu and Napali. Teerapat also demonstrated how he contributes to Thai localization by Pontoon.

We plan to have next Mozillians meet-up at Eakmai, Bangkok. We will discuss more about localization in Thai, Telugu and Napali. I will tell everyone more about Rust programming language in a bit more details. Maybe we discuss abot what will be interesting about Mozilla and Firefox for primary school students too.

Thank Thana for the meal after the event and thank Densin for transportation back to Bangkok.