L10N: Mozillians meet-up in Chiang Mai

Mozillians at Cube No. 7

On Saturday 23rd July 2016, we had a meet-up at Cube No.7 in Chiang Mai. Under the patronage of Mr. Rob Burns and Ajahn Pruet Boonma, we had the exceptional great meet-up venue, and we can connect to the strong and well-established tech community in Chiang Mai. So a lot of young Mozillians joined this meet-up and they have been extremely active. 
We had a small workshop for training how to use Pootle, Transvision, Pontoon; translated Mozilla.org into Thai; added more translation to glossary; and discussed about standard translation of some words e.g. “try” and “attempt”. Before we left the Cube No.7, I presented a bit about Rust and Servo.