Mozilla Thailand Community Meet Up 2016-3-12: Wrap Up

Paricipants at Hubba co-working space, Bangkok

We did a meet up at Hubba with a goal to improve participation. From our meet up, we can conclude as follow:

  1. We have to expand the group in order to translate more sections e.g. web parts. We will set up next meet up at Faculty of Humanity, Kasetsart University in this April. In this event, we will train students to use our translation platform i.e. Pootle etc. and encourage them to join us.
  2. Base on our volunteers’ preference, now we give priority on translating Firefox for Android.
  3. We are going to explore more about translation tools, that are, consistency checking, which is supposed to be in Pootle, a massive translation modification tool and also better translation memory look up or a specialized machine translation.
  4. Rust programming language and Servo are quite a hot topic nowadays. In order to make participation becomes more interesting and also there may be language specific issues in Servo in the future that we can get involve. There was a presentation about Rust programming language. [slide]

P.S. Thank Hubba, Thailand for hosting this event, also Aim, Poy and Arky for co-coordinating. Thank Wichai Termwuttipreecha and Teerapat Taechaiya for joining and wonderful contributions. Thank to Thanatip that we have better image quality in this event and valuable suggestions.