Mozillian meet-up in Bangkok 20160925

In Hubba Office

This is the first event that graphics is provided by @nutn0n. Thank you to all our participants. 7 mozillians joined this event. Our community is obviously growing :-). Thank you to Hubba for great co-working venue, WiFi and water.


There were 5main topics as follow:

I announced that from now on we are going to use Pontoon as our one and only translation platform. I showed some features e.g. in-place editing.

We found that using Pontoon was smooth. There were no any particular issue. People can contribute, as shown in figure above.

After everyone can use Pontoon, we looked at the style guide together. There was a minor issue in the example and it has been fixed already. There is a remark that the abbreviation of นาที (minute) is นาที.

During discussing about Pontoon, there was a question about representation of translation pairs whether it is GNU gettext. So I presented about L20N and its morpho-syntactic feature e.g. automatic inflection according to case.

About Servo, I presented that it is fast and I showed this video. There was a question that whether it is E10S. And it is not.

I also reported the status of Thai language in Servo. So we discussed about Harfbuzz, Glyph store, Freestyle and Rust.

Rust web-based playground has been shown to everyone. I also mentioned a trick for making Rust program fast e.g. rustc -O and cargo build — release. We also discussed about applications that is suitable for Rust i.e. real-time system, operating system and embedded system. We discussed about memory management include garbage collection, whether Rust has GC, etc.

It was 17:10, while we still talked about relation of Rust, Haskell, Lisp, ML, Lazy ML. So next time, I will presented about what is different between Haskell and Lazy ML and how it has been adopted in Rust.

A NLProc student/developer