We at Nrwl want to make Modern Angular synonymous with Nx, and using good linting tools is a big part of this story.

The Angular CLI (and Nx) used to use TSLint for Angular applications and libraries. Because TSLint was deprecated, we added the ESLint support for Angular apps and libs in Nx 10, and made it the default option in Nx 11.

To help teams with existing workspaces to move from the discontinued TSLint to ESLint, we have recently added a generator that can do it automatically.

The following video shows how to use the generator. Simply run:

> nx g convert-tslint-to-eslint --project=SELECTED_PROJECT

The command will create eslintrc files, remove tslint.json files, and will update the builder for the project to use ESLint.



Victor Savkin

Nrwlio co-founder, Xoogler, Xangular. Work on dev tools for TS/JS. @NxDevTools and Nx Cloud architect. Calligraphy and philosophy enthusiast. Stoic.