It Will be Okay !

When it ends, we remember the bitter end for a while, but as time passes by, it’s the beginning that makes us smile. For a very long time, I couldn’t bear to hear your name. Ironically, I kept checking your profile because I just couldn’t let go. I wanted to. But I couldn’t. One day, I saw your stories with your new guy. It broke my heart. You did things for him, things that you promised to do only for me and I began to hate you. I hated you for a very long time. It’s been a year and today I saw you. I’ve always dreaded this day. But today, I didn’t feel anything. I didn’t want you back. But your smile reminded me of our first date, and that made me smile. I’ve come a long way. I didn’t even realise that I moved on. I don’t know how I did it, but I did. Now when I look back, your memories don’t haunt me anymore. Our ‘forever’ was quite short, but I’m at a happy place now. If you’ve ever experienced the same, remember, it will all be okay.

It will take time, but it will be okay !