Let’s Take a Minute to Thank the Hero’s

When you enter a city at night, one of the thing you first look for is a Cab, while going back to your place you notice all the lights. High street lights illuminating the road so that drivers can see the road. Lights from skyscrapers, shining bright to give a mesmerising view of societies.

On the way, if there is some some Gas/ Petrol station, there are people’s who are there 24*7 available to serve us. On roads we notice people carrying trash on rickshaw or many times they carry a bag of trash on their shoulders. To make the roads clean there are people who start blooming the roads at the earliest hours of the day and sometimes even in the late hours of night to make sure that when the city wakes up there is no littering on the roads.

When we reach home, there comes people in the morning to clean our homes, prepare breakfast for us so that we could reach office on time.

When we are spending lovely time with our family, enjoying lunch at a restaurant or out on a picnic these people are serving us to make sure that we don’t face any problems or discomfort.

But why shall we care about it ? After all we are paying them to do that.

A lot of time we insult them, we humiliate them and we don’t give them respect which the deserve. Just imagine even if fir one day these guys stopped working out so called cities would fall down and we won’t be able to even manage our cities for a day. These people are those invisible hero’s who are the foundation on which our cities are standing today.

A lot of times these people gets injured due to intensive work but there injuries or pain never gets noticed because most of the times these guys are undercover and we never notice what they are going through as it is never our priority.

Despite their hard work, these hero’s are paid very less both in terms of money and respect. It’s time we shine more light on these Heros. If you manage a custodial operation, make sure to dedicate time to recognizing your team. Host an awards ceremony. Provide a meal. Encourage other departments in your business to show appreciation for the people on your team. Put a spotlight on someone on your team each week so everyone can have a chance to get to know them a little better. Your team deserves recognition.

If you see a helper/driver/watchman/janitor in the buildings or residential area where you work or visit, take a moment to thank them. Let them know how much you appreciate what they do.

Let’s Thank All the Invisible Heros, And make this world a little better for all.