Scaling time triggered checks without crons crawling all over!

Notify if something HAS NOT HAPPENED after a duration

What often starts as simple databases for simple solutions grow when business is growing. Business requirements also grow over time — after all, there is only so much that can be supported by frequent reports being monitored by people at regular intervals to alert others about possible situations.

“Do this, when that” is a very easy problem to solve. For example, sending an email when the order has been placed is perhaps few lines of code. Of course, that too gets into issues when you’ve large number of concurrent orders that…

We all have those scripts that grow over time and does incredibly useful things for internal use. Often, more than the core logic of those, we end up spending time to make emails, batch processing etc.

Useful things usually get to a point where people want to build additional systems on top of these.

APIs that generate JSON are pretty much the default standard for consuming reusable microservices. When concurrent load is controllable like in an intranet, node-red makes it very easy to build APIs. …

this has everything; or you just read below :)

SQL has been there for ages. sqlite3 gives you a phenomenal tool to quickly load and analyse data in a language meant for that. While I’ve used it for a long time, only recently did I know about support for CTE aka Common Table Expressions.

Quick (and overly simplified) definition of CTE? This is where you can park sub-queries into expressions and use those expressions in your query. Kind of like defining views on the fly.


  • Go to the site and download the executable; put it somewhere in the path.
  • Read the CLI manual.

Let us create a new…

WhatsApp is perhaps the most used app on our phones. It has become as ubiquitous as a tool can get. You get added to groups, you have quite a bit of chats lying around and you also may be using video or audio calls a lot. One thing I do love about WhatsApp’s UX is that nothing gets in the way of getting core things done.

This is a short note with mockups on two things that I find missing in WhatsApp.

So, what is missing?

Forwards. Too many to require some control.

Most of us are part of many groups. Some useful, some…

Very often, we end up setting up an entirely different machine for testing our stuff. Of late, I’ve been using docker on Ubuntu 18.04 for testing individual environments for various projects I work on.

That way, when things finally make into production, I am sure that I’ve not forgotten to handle dependencies, configuration parameters required etc.

An added advantage is when you decide upon release version names. For each release, you’ve an environment with version name as environment name. …

Satheesh Babu Vattekkat

CTO at a Fintech Startup; loves engineering management, databases, scripting and solution design.

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