A request from your fat friend: what I need when we talk about bodies.
Your Fat Friend

i really, really appreciated this article. you gave voice to things i have often felt. and yet, i felt conflicted; i once read a book called THE FOUR AGREEMENTS, and one of the principles described is simply: don’t take anything personally. i have ‘personally’ found that very challenging, but i know that i am / will be happier if i work toward this goal. i feel like the goal / point here is not to limit what our friends can/should say, but rather, to encourage ALL of us to love ourselves. wouldn’t ‘no self-deprecation’ be a great goal for all of us? and that’s not about limiting people — it’s about encouraging healthy dialogue that leads to better self-image. b/c this piece makes people think about the words they choose and their audience, i would love to re-publish it at my site, www.WomenWithGuts.com, w/ your permission. you can contact me on the site or here. thanks again for starting this dialogue!! :)

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