Obesity is a new thing, it is hard for society to adapt.
J dee

once upon a time, you were just a glimmer in your parents’ eyes, J dee. once upon a time, the pain of your ancestors welled up and they cried collectively, ‘no more, no more, no more!’ and wished for a beautiful life of privilege and luck and love for you.

and then you chose to squander that life on spewing bias, judgment and hatred, instead of trying to understand others and support and love them. my wish for you is to take the pain of the past — of YOUR past, b/c no one is as hateful as this unless they have their own unresolved pain — and look that pain in the eye and recognize it, feel it, and then realize that you are not so different than just about everyone else on the planet who feels pain. and then, knowing that you are oh-so-similar to the rest of us, see what you can do to love and support, and *understand*. best wishes.

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