Hey guys, I’m back with another post, this time the answers to your questions for the 2K Q&A, again thanks for following me!
I hope your Saturday is/has been nice, have fun reading the Questions and Answers :)

Do you prefer Android over iPhone? And why?

For the time being I do, since I like my current phone (S7 Edge). I don’t think iOS is bad at all, both have their strengths and weaknesses. The price is the only thing that’s keeping me from buying an iPhone I guess. I do want a Mac though, maybe that’ll convince me of buying an iPhone as well 😛
The iPhone Edition/8 looks promising enough that it might convince me to buy one, but my contract ends somewhere in 2018 so I’d have to wait.

What do you enjoy doing besides Instagram?

Besides Instagram I enjoy reading (sometimes, when I have the right book). I’m also a huge Netflix/YouTube watcher haha. When the weather and my mood are right I go for a run too, I’m trying to do it at least twice a week. 
And, last but not least: I like eating #pubertyProblemsIGuess

How old are you?

I’m 17 years old right now.

What is your favorite drink?

The boring answer would be water, since that’s what I drink 80–90% of the time, the less boring answer would be Ice Tea, that’s what I usually have when I’m with friends or family. I’m not a huge alcohol fan, I like Jillz from time to time.

Are you a morning or a night person?

I tried to convince myself that I’m a morning person, but I’m not. I’m quite energized at night. When I wake up naturally I can be a morning person too, or when I didn’t have much sleep, which may sound weird but is true. With less sleep I’m more energized in the morning, but I get tired faster during the day.

How many languages can you speak?

I’d say 2 fluently (Dutch and English), 1 kinda well(German) and from a bunch I know some words. (French and Latin). I’m learning Italian now though :)

Describe yourself in 2 words

Minimalist and techie. Kinda like my Instagram page 😉

What is the last text message you received

“Dear customer, you’re currently through 80% of your monthly data-plan.” etc. I don’t ever text, so the 3 text before that are also texts like this one.

What did you find yourself doing a lot these days?

Being bored, posting Instagram pics, writing these blog posts and watching Netflix.

How did you get into tech?

I have no idea really, I think I was always a bit interested in it, then I got a PlayStation 2 and some other consoles. I think it “exploded” when I got a smartphone. With it I could browse the web and watch YouTube videos about tech, so I gained more interest into it.

Which color do you hate?

I don’t really “hate” a color, but I’m not a fan of yellow. 
I also am not that fond of the much overrated black and red combo haha.

These were the questions, I hope you liked em! If you have a question that you forgot to ask or just came up, feel free to send me a DM on Instagram: