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The packaging

Hi guys! i asked in my stories if you would want me to start blogging, and I got a decent amount of responses so here we go ;)
My first post will be a review of the Urbanista Melbourne speaker, because I really like it and I want to share my experience with it. 
A huge thanks to Valerie, who was so kind to send me the product!

Urbanista is a brand that I saw on Instagram in the form of an ad. The design of their products was something I thought was very nice, so I went to their website. I noticed a “Collaborations” page and thought “Why not?”. I sent them an email and got in touch with Valerie, who was kindly willing to send me a product so I could take shots of it. She asked which product I would love to receive and since I was looking for a Bluetooth speaker for quite some time I decided to go for the Urbanista Melbourne.


I am a fan of nice unboxing experiences and Urbanista doesn’t disappoint here. A sleek, elegant black box is revealed when you remove the white piece of paper that keeps the box closed. The piece of paper contains information about the speaker, what it can do and the like. When you open the box you find a thank you note with your name on it.

The second thing you see is the speaker itself, right on top, surrounded by some kind of foam with Urbanista’s motto. Beneath the speaker is a divider, which separates the speaker from the other contents: a guide, a USB cable and a piece of shoelace that you can attach to the speaker.

Contents of the box


Black and white are some of my favorite colors, which is why I chose the Fluffy Cloud color option (white). It looks clean and minimal, yet offers every button you need.

The front of the speaker contains the grill, with the Urbanista logo in it. On the left hand side is a hole where you can loop the lace through. 
On top we find — from left to right — Power, volume down, volume up and Bluetooth. Next to the buttons is a LED indicator to show whether you’re connected or not. The USB port and AUX port are located on the right hand side. The bottom has some information and the Urbanista logo. We also find 4 rubber feet there, to raise the speaker off the surface a bit, to prevent unwanted bass vibrations.

Surrounding the speaker is a rubber band, that prevents serious damage to the device, it probably will be damaged when dropped, but the inside components have a higher chance of survival due to this bumper.

Due to its size — it’s about as big as a 5.2" smartphone — you can easily carry it around.

The buttons are on top


After the unboxing I immediately started charging the device. After about 1.5–2 hours the battery was fully charged. Turning it on is very easy, you just press and hold the power button for 3 seconds until you see the blue LED turn on and you hear a sound. Pairing it was also rather easy, as easy as pressing the bluetooth button for 3 seconds until it appeared on my device (S7 edge) and tapping pair. When paired connecting is easier, switching on bluetooth and the speaker connects them within seconds.

Sounsd quality
I opened Spotify, selected a song and I was blown away by the sound quality. It’s nothing like a home cinema set of course, but for its size it’s quite amazing, especially the Bass. The highs are average, you can hear them but it’s nothing special. The mids are a tad bit less than average, but I don’t mind that since I enjoy the low end tones more.

There is a passive sub-woofer on the back for extra bass.

Volume is also something that was unexpected with this speaker, it gets more than loud enough. The speaker on maximum volume and my phone on about 50% was enough to fill a room and hear it in other rooms. Maximum volume can be useful for parties or loud environments, the sound gets a bit distorted but that was to be expected.

It’s a bluetooth speaker, so if you want to listen to music without distortion it’s best if you stay close to it. I was able to comfortably leave the speaker in my room, walk up to the room next to it and still hear it (about 5 meters). Without obstructions you can reach about 9 meters, with walls in between the sound can get distorted quite fast. The weight and size make up for this, it’s easy to carry so you can just take it with you if you need to go farther than usual.

Battery life
Since it’s a portable speaker it’s useful if it lasts you and the battery is rechargeable. Urbanista claims 6 hours and that’s about what I get too. When I’m at home I usually listen to music through earphones but with this speaker I can get through the day. It’s also enough for a party with friends, it should last the entire evening.

When it’s empty you can charge it with the Micro-USB cable that’s included in the box. Charging takes about 2 hours, it has an orange LED indicator that’ll turn off when the speaker is fully charged.


The Urbanista Melbourne is a very nice speaker, priced at $79,00 which is about the same (or even a bit less) than comparable speakers like the Samsung Level box Mini and the JBL Flip family.

You can get it here, if you’re interested.

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