What you can sell to a fan?

When they say “sell”, I immediately think of products or services as well as of ideas that can be sold to investors.

In term of football clubs (usually the ones that are leaders in the national tournaments), it is really appropriate to say “sell something to a fan”, because such clubs do not need to make any excuses if a season was unsuccessful. They are clubs that deserve their status and therefore they reap the fruits of their hard work by monetizing their popularity in many ways.

It is really hard to imagine to what extent faithful feelings some fans have concerning their favorite clubs. Some fans travel hundreds of kilometers in order to see a match, sometimes in bad weather. Additionally, when there is no any chance for the win, such fans will remain optimistic about their club’s future.

A club cannot guarantee a win in every match and consequent title win in the tournament. However, a club may look like a winner in the eyes of its fans (as it usually is before the start of the season) by showing commitment and thanking them for precious support.

For example, during the season a club may collect a large number of interesting and symbolic “lots” that will be sold to the loyal fans. A charity auction will not impact club’s revenues, but it will have a very positive influence on the relationship with fans especially if a season was not very successful.

So, every club should be attentive to details, perhaps even more than fans during the season.

An event can be arranged in a form of a charity event. It will present a club as a socially responsible entity. Such an event will definitely enhance the clubs image in the eyes of partners,sponsors, investors, and certainly in the eyes of fans.

Clubs may sell many very different things at auctions. In the case of clubs that have not fulfilled objectives for the season and have not met fans’ expectations it is worth talking about the possibility of “selling the idea” that the club truly appreciates every fan.

What can be sold at auctions?

Lets begin with simple things. Fans would be happy to buy a ball which was scored “first” and “last”in the season. For example, Olivier Giroud scored a fantastic goal in the opening match against Crystal Palace F.C. and it was only 16 th minute of the match. In turn, the last goal scored by Arsenal was actually an own goal scored by Mark Bunn from Aston Villa in 90+1 minute.

Besides, in the final match Olivier Giroud made a hat-trick. If there is a good photographer, the club would be able to sell exclusive photos with players signatures. Photos should be taken in the locker room or “behind the stage” depicting players’ and staff’s routines. These photos will remind spectators of a programme #HowIt’sMade, but of course they will have a static form, thereby helping everyone to look at their favorite club and players from the different perspective.

So, a club can sell pretty much everything to a fan starting from football boots that belong to the players and ending with the piece of a pitch on which Steven Gerard slipped.

No doubt, auctions should be organized at the end of the season. The mood may not be very optimistic, but everyone eventually understands that results cannot be changed. Auctions and other similar events show that clubs value their fans and play for them. So it should be a clubs wish to share something tangible with fans so that they remain committed to the club in the future.

Communication with fans may have a touching sentiment and consequently improve fans’ mood. If a club has not reached its objectives and was left without a title again or if there were not many thrilling matches, off-pitch events should offer fans compensation for their loyalty. For fans small things related to the club are of great importance.

Therefore, clubs need to be more attentive in their routines in order to build up a stronger relationship with fans.